Hands-on Workshop

During the seminar, we will conduct some hands-on practical sessions on GDPR issues:


Kersi F. Porbunderwalla

President and CEO

Is the President and CEO of The EUGDPR Institute and Secretary-General of Copenhagen Compliance®. He functions as an advisor, teacher, instructor, researcher, commentator and practitioner on Data Protection and Data Privacy, Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT security (GRC), Bribery, Fraud and Corruption (BFC) and Corporate Social/Stakeholder Responsibility (CSR) issues.

Asher Miller

Compliance Expert & International lawyer

Asher Miller is a Compliance Consultant and Business Law Expert. He advises corporations in the areas of Data Privacy, Anti-Corruption, Money laundering, Compliance and Third Party management and training. He combines knowledge in international contracts and corporate law, specialising in the defence and public sector and advises and handles international contracts, providing corporations with hands-on legal work, based on many years of experience in transactions and international negotiations.