During the comprehensive one-day FAS training, we will provide a full introduction and a practical understanding of the implementation implications, legal requirements and how to implement the regulation within the organisation.

During the course, we will go thru the EUGDPR Institute implementation path to ensure compliance and how you, as an IT and data professional, can help avoid additional work or loss of reputation resulting from data breaches. Besides implementation structures, we will also focus on cyber resilience, data protection, and cybersecurity issues.

Scope: During the seminar, we will review current IT and data issues regarding GDPR implementation and how you can help companies develop an IT and data security strategy. The seminar will be conducted as a workshop to identify the significant effects of and recognise several critical action areas, including a roadmap & framework.

Certification: The GDPR Foundation, Application & Substance (FAS) certification course will provide a complete overview of the EU GDPR, with a practical understanding of the operational implications and legal requirements for an organisation of any size. We will further focus on the practical application (Foundation) and the material substance of the articles on the execution, including scope, approach, structure, data flows, and mapping to ensure compliance.

The GDPR course is conducted in English with practical implementation examples, experiences and best practices.

The EU GDPR Course Content :
  1. The background and the significant terminology.
  2. The fundamental differences between the Data Protection Act and the EU GDPR.
  3. The data subject’s rights to personal data.
  4. Procedure for Processing Subject Access Requests (access to personal data)
  5. GDPR Privacy rules; marketing requirements and breaches and summary.
  6. The implementation track to EU GDPR compliance:
    • Privacy by Design and Default
    • The What, When and How of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
    • Conducting Data audits
    • Training and competence requirements
    • Incident response and breach reporting
    • Updating policies and procedures
    • The multijurisdictional & territorial scope of the EU GDPR
    • International data transfers.
The one-day GDPR course in English includes:
  • Professional training venue with breakfast, lunch and snacks.
  • Comprehensive documentation (as digital copy and PDF file.
  • A chronological summary of all GDPR articles with an explanation on each article
  • The Copenhagen Compliance® GDPR Roadmap and Framework and several generic policies, templates and implementation documents e.g. DPIA.
    • EU GDPR Foundation, Application & Substance Exam (EU GDPR FAS).
    • Certificate of attendance