GDPR Network Danish Chapter

We hereby invite you to join the new GDPR Denmark Network organised by The EUGDPR Institute by Copenhagen Compliance®

The Danish GDPR network is a forum of GDPR, Data Privacy, Data Protection professionals and enthusiast and provides a platform for discussion and sharing own experiences on GDPR topics at a theoretical and practical level. At each network meeting, we will invite local and global experts and lecturers who in their way possess the distinct subject matter experience and expertise.

The moderator of the GDPR network is Thor Ahrends, Legal Compliance Officer & DPO at Danmarks Nationalbank (Danish Central Bank) and Kersi Porbunderwala CEO, The EUGDPR Institute.

At each meeting, we will discuss at least one topical and timely GDPR issue. The presentations will be in English, however, based on the final membership and the participants we can consider conducting it in Danish.

Please see the attached link to the brochure where you can read more about the network, your benefits and the topics we expect to cover. However, the final content of each meeting is determined in collaboration with members and the subjects, needs and interests that are relevant to you.

The network membership will also grant you access to some relevant GDPR presentations, a toolkit with policies templates, standards and other reference materials and newsletters to keep you updated about GDPR development in regulations, Danish privacy laws and different global privacy standards.

Annual membership is DKK 4900,00 excl. VAT. If you only want to participate in the individual meeting the cost is DKK 990,00 excl. VAT.

Please click on the following link to download the program of the day, driving instructions etc. The list of participants will be provided a week before the event. After each network meeting, you will be able to find the presentation material on The EUGDPR institute, and a link to the material portal will be provided to you. A certificate of attendance with CPE points will also be provided.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

DTU Science Park, Technical University of Denmark.
Diplomvej 381
DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark

PROGRAM – The GDPR, Data Privacy and Data Protection Network
Monday the 19th August 2019

Focus on DPIA Issues, concerns, implementation and execution
1400-1430 30 min Registration, Arrival and Sandwiches DTU/GDPR Institute
1430-1500 15 min Welcome, Introduction and Presentation of The DPIA Agenda Kersi Porbunderwalla
Thor Ahrends
1500-1545 45 min How to Prepare, Develop and Implement a DPIA Lene Refsgaard, DPO, Specsavers
1545-1630 45 min How to comply with Article 35 of the GDPR to carry out a DPIA before undertaking risky processing.
  • Using new technologies, which is 'likely to result in a high risk <./li>
  • The rights and freedoms of individuals.'
Thor Ahrends, DPO, The Danish Central Bank
1630-1645 15 min Coffee Break Networking
1645-1730 45 min A practical example of the DPIA process that ensures that organisation is able to identify, assess, and evaluate the risks to data subjects from projects or data processing activities.
  • The DPIA rationale that identifies the risks that can then be avoided, mitigated, or accepted.
  • The Working Party reinforces the importance of the risk-based approach in data protection frameworks
  • Changes to the criteria to consider when determining whether a processing operation is likely to result in high risk
Kersi Porbunderwala, CEO, The EUGDPR Institute
1730-1815 45 min Group discussion on the circumstances when and where a DPIA is required for existing processing operations
  • The need for re-assessment
  • The role of the CISO, CIO, DPO
Kersi Porbunderwala, CEO, The EUGDPR Institute
1815-1845 30 min Tapas, Coffee and Drinks DTU/EUGDPR Network
The GDPR Network is a global community of privacy and security professionals focused on tools and best practices to implement global privacy laws in practice, specifically on GDPR, Cyber and IT-Security, and other relevant Data protection and Data privacy mandates e.g. PECR, ePrivacy, NIS directive, the CCPA and more.

The networks meetings are conducted in-person with topical and timely events, for the local community of practitioners to connect, share experiences, and learn the latest regulatory requirements and how to implementation best practices based on the discussions.

The agenda for each event, will be made of the attendee's Choice Content together with regular topics that include issues, guidance, updates, enforcements, and challenges on The Global Privacy Landscape on CCPA, GDPR, ePrivacy, and expert presentations. Tapas and wine will be served after each event.

(Contact us if you wish to establish a local chapter. We will provide content, titles, web, e-mailers, potential participants, sales and marketing support.


The price for the annual membership is DKK 4.900,00 excl. VAT.

If you only want to participate in the individual meeting, the cost is DKK 990,00 excl. VAT.
The network membership will grant you access to some relevant GDPR presentations on a wide range of topics, a GDPR toolkit with 30+ policies, templates, standards and other GDPR reference material and monthly newsletters to keep you regularly updated about GDPR development in regulations, Danish privacy laws and different global privacy standards. The membership will also give a 30% discount on our global seminars and workshops.

The dates for the 2019-20 GDPR Network meetings are

Monday 14th October 2019
14:30-18:45 at DTU, Lyngby
27th January 2020
14:30-18:45 at DTU, Lyngby
28th January 2020 (Data Protection day)
14:30-18:45 at DTU, Lyngby
30th March 2020
14:30-18:45 at DTU, Lyngby
8th June 2020
14:30-18:45 at DTU, Lyngby
17th August 2020
14:30-18:45 at DTU, Lyngby
5th October 2020
14:30-18:45 at DTU, Lyngby