Online Certification Classroom Training

The online classroom or self-paced GDPR certification courses focus on the solution, implementation, monitoring and execution (SIME) of GDPR, Data Privacy and Protection, IT and Cybersecurity and Governance, Risk Management, Compliance (GRC) for The Foundation, Officer, Practitioner, Professional and Director levels of online classroom or self-paced certification seminars.

The upcoming online classroom certification trainings are scheduled on:

  • November 17-19, 2021
  • 25-27th January 2022
  • 22-24th February 2022
  • 29-31st March 2022
  • 17-19th May 2022
  • 21-23rd June 2022

    290 Euro or 330 USD plus VAT for each Day, 690 Euro or 790 USD plus VAT for three.

    ALL sessions are to be recorded and available to the registered participants 24x7

    Are you or your organisation faced with a wide range of barriers, from lack of skills to dissatisfied boards/top management and the rising compliance costs challenge the way your approach the corporate GRC, GDPR, IT and cybersecurity risks? Then sign up for the GRC, GDPR, IT and Cybersecurity online classroom certification seminars. The online monthly classroom or self-paced certification courses are crucial for anyone who is involved in or is responsible for the understanding of how structured corporate support for implementing, monitoring and executing, (SIME) techniques and issues can impact regulatory compliance. Businesses recognise risks, governance, security, and compliance as more than a purely technical or regulatory challenge. The continued unsatisfactory results in rising costs requiring management to ask the right questions and the practitioners to take the right approach. At the seminars you will understand how to apply for an adequate, appropriate SIME approach to GRC, GDPR, IT and Cybersecurity privacy and information security compliance programs in line with the compliance mandates with the different levels of online training courses. At each classroom seminar, you will be guided through the GDPR, GRC, Data Protection, Data Privacy, IT and cybersecurity rules, regulations, best practices and mandate and the underlying principles and controls.
    1. We will start with the fundamental and practical level to understand the subject matter and end with the director level after going through officer, practitioner, and professional level programs.
    2. All seminars focus on updating the skills for identification, documenting, processing, and implementing control components with our SIME techniques.
    3. What are the operational requirements for IT Governance, IT risks and GRC management to identify the issues regarding security re-engineering and security breaches?
    4. All online classroom seminars focus on a roadmap and how to develop a framework to ensure that data and processes are aligned and valid for each GRC and IT security component, including applications & re-engineering for streamlining compliance
    5. Acquire the necessary knowledge on how automation, Machine Learning, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science is essential to survive
    6. Execute the Monitoring and Audit of customer, employee, third-party, IP, Assets, based on corporate values and the SIME methodology for sustainable compliance
    7. A bottom-up approach to address the underlying data protection and security needs by utilising feedback, best practices and based on structured top-down guidance
    8. Procedures that align with the tenets of privacy by design, and principles that secure a robust data security program as a foundation, starting from committee charters, policies, standards, procedures
    9. Embedding GRC and IT security into the underlying processes Objectives, operations, technologies by default for the corporate commitment for greater user control and stakeholder empowerment
    10. Digitisation: Security driven plans to set up data-protection, privacy goals to achieve both regulatory compliance and a healthy compliance attitude, by streamlining processes, centralised database(s) and a structured IT platform for automation
    11. Data breach prevention & mitigation are critical GDPR components that check if your organisation is meeting all the requirements to avoid data subject complaints, data breaches and fines and requires continuous evaluation of data flows in and outside the company