Join our General data Protection Directive (GDPR) or Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Franchise Programme

The EUGDPR Institute can offer business opportunities in training and certification including a variety of related Governance, Risk Management and compliance products for regional European and global countries as part of our GDPR/GRC franchise program for training and certification. We seek entrepreneurs and motivated risk and compliance professionals that are interested in providing continued professional training and education credentials and credits and who are dedicated to the advancement of GRC and GDPR, ePrivacy and related areas.

As part of the franchise, we provide the entire range of GDPR and GRC tools and templates to individuals and companies who are looking for the opportunity of running and developing their own local or regional GDPR/GRC compliance consultancy. In addition, the franchise includes the support of The EUGDPR Institute, Copenhagen ComplianceĀ®, and The Information-Security Institute together with our Risk and Compliance Product and Research division.