You Now Have Access To Your Self-Study GDPR Course.

The EUGDPR Institute welcomes you to take the important next step toward learning more about GDPR implementation and FAS certification. WE trust that you will learn more and enjoy this presentation.

GDPR is about data privacy and protection against data breaches. Identity theft, trust and confidence amongst the various stakeholders that the data is secure. These data and IT threats can confuse both for the data subjects and the business. We trust that this self-study GDPR course will start the process and create a benchmark for measuring the privacy expertise for you to obtain the required GDPR knowledge and initiate the process of your career advancement.

Welcome to the EUGDPR INSTITUTE Self Study course.

We suggest that you go thru the blogs on EUGDPR to secure the basics prior to commencing on the self study.

Go through and read each slide first, after that review the text for that slide,

(please note that moving forward the text to the slides and the slides itself work separately of each other, so that the slides and text must be moved forward individually).

Collect your questions and send them to

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