GDPR Refresher Certification Course

6 Essential Steps To Gdpr Compliance
August 18, 2019
The invalidation of the criticised Privacy Shield was required.
January 15, 2021
6 Essential Steps To Gdpr Compliance
August 18, 2019
The invalidation of the criticised Privacy Shield was required.
January 15, 2021

The e-compliance academy offers this flexible online refresher course to renew your current certification after two years of the given exams. The course will further provide you with new inspiration for the Personal Data Act, IT Governance, IT- and Cyber​​Security and Governance, Risk Management and Compliance topics. Participate from home or office and at the pace that fits in with your new daily life, answer questions and get re-certified.

Program components, dividends, and Content

We have put together an inspirational, qualifying, and personalised eLearning refresher for re-certification. The course gives you update to the company’s data security and general handling of personal data, including:

  • From risk assessment to data protection: get to the bottom of the GDPR compliance components to strengthen your knowledge on both the Data and the IT fronts.
  • Establish an appropriate level of security that supports business processes, overall risk management, hands-on implementation of the technical and organisational risks and GDPR security
  • Update information on DPO, role, responsibilities, accountability and how to ensure that data and IT regulation requirements are implemented, monitored, and complied
  • Risk assessment, technical and organisational security solutions of participants’ organisation (s)
    • Competence to prepare and carry out the risk assessment, GAP analysis and a DPIA
    • Awareness, safety policies, case exercises and training sessions
    • Overview of data protection tools, technical standards, etc.
  • How personal data is handled confidentially and secured against unauthorised access under GDPR

when personal information is stored both in electronic form and on paper.

  • What includes the secure handling of personal data and what precautions to take.
  • How to protect stored personal data on computers against errors and viruses, as well as to secure access to personal data to avoid mistakes or system crashes.
  • How to backup and prevent unauthorised access to personal data, personal login, screen lock, logging, encryption, firewalls and antivirus programs.
    • How to get secure e-mail and secure communication to customers, clients, GPs and municipalities or wherever personal information is included.
  • Privacy policy and other policies How is the stakeholder informed about the company’s policies
  • The electronic systems should the company have a data processing agreement
  • Handling of personal data, including how does the company document that data security is taken seriously?
    • What are the controls and the checklist?
    • How Personal Data is stored securely and inaccessible to unauthorised persons
    • How Personal Data is deleted
    • How Personal Data is handled in the event of a system failure.

The course consists of several sections, each consisting of an abstract, case and exam at the end of the refresher course to update your GDPR certification for another two years