Providing training, certification and consulting services to businesses can be a lucrative and fulfilling opportunity for experienced professionals. If you are interested in providing these services in your local or regional market but don't know where to start, we can offer you a complete package of Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, (GRC) GDPR,IT- and Cybersecurity services.
Our franchise option is probably available in your local market to assist you with a series of GRC, GDPR and IT- and Cybersecurityfeatures from basic training to sales to marketing and advertising support and of course the methodology, templates, policies and IT support.

As the GRC requirements in most organisations need nurturing and the volume of the data grows by an average of 40% a year most companies need to structure, streamline and investing in the GRC, GDPR and IT- and Cybersecuritydata, not to mention the data protection issues as well.

Our proven business model and name recognition can probably give you a kick start and provide revenues from the start. Some of the advantages of buying into a consulting franchise are:
  • access to established support services and industry-specific proprietary tools
  • the initial start-up costs and ongoing royalty fees are reasonable
  • overhead costs on sales, marketing, support and developing new and updated methodologies are reasonable
  • prevent typical start-up mistakes and losses.

GDPR and the digital properties

In all corporations, digital properties of GDPR processes provide a measurable link between the organisation and its customers. Therefore, the value of the GDPR “digital properties” in relation to GRPR implementation for data-centric corporations surpassed $25 billion for the first quarter of 2017 alone.The EU Commission estimates that the value of personalised data will reach 1 trillion euros by 2020, almost 8% of the EU’s GDP.

Another consultancy agency survey revealed that corporate business executives believe that 61% of the respondents acknowledge that big data is becoming as valuable to their businesses as their existing products and services.Therefore as part of our training, certification and implementation methodology,we believe that the digital properties in most organisations must be safeguarded and that is why training on GRDP implementation can be a priority.

These data-driven organisations have a considerable quantity of the data, but the quality of their data and intangible assets is often an issue.Therefore, we recommend that in connection with GDPR implementation organisations also evaluate the investments made in storing, protecting, accessing, and analysing increasing the massive amounts of data and the challenges of the increasing reliance on open data and on-demand applications, as well as concerns over the costs of potential data breaches.

The stakeholder perceptions of trust and confidence in the organisation depend on how their data is processed.Since information is not just data — but a mirror of the stakeholder privacy issues, we provide a GDPR methodology to capture and nurture the data correctly. The privacy data must reflect the stakeholder understanding of the data to provide intrinsic value; in the IT platforms, processes, and in the employee mindsets to protect, and even enhance the perceived value of these digital properties today and in the future growth and performance of the organisation.