The need for a structured Governance Risk Management, Compliance (GRC), IT Security, GDPR, Bribery, Fraud Corruption (BFC), Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Cybersecurity and related Compliance advisory, implementation guidance and monitoring activities require training and certification. The EUGDPR Institute by Copenhagen Compliance offers a franchise opportunity for sustainable compliance actions on the above mentioned topical and timely subjects
The EUGDPR Institute can offer business opportunities in training and certification including a variety of related Governance, Risk Management and compliance products for regional European and global countries as part of our GDPR/GRC franchise program for training and certification.

The ever-growing and sheer magnitude and volume of Compliance demands from mandates, legislators and oversight authorities have mandated the corporate obligation for a structured GRC and GDPR Compliance implementation and monitoring. Copenhagen Compliance offers a franchise opportunity for sustainable GRC and GDPR compliance.

Progressive tight mandates, augmented with the complexity of regulation

Anti-money laundering (AML), fraud and new GDPR like legislation throughout the world have created a billion-dollar market not only for the financial sector's advisors but for all industries and trades. If the compliance efforts are not technology-intensive, structured, automated and integrated across the organisation companies complain about their distress and the need to invest heavily in Risk Management and Compliance systems, additional resources and external consultants to avoid non-compliance.

Our franchise option is one of the new specialised entities that build from the bottom to take advantage of rising demand from all trades and sectors.Legislators have been successful to clutter almost all corporate areas with increasingly tight rules,augmented complexity of regulation and all companies need to invest more resources in complying with the laws.

Since the GDPR, GRC and BFC market is in rapid growth, the development of our franchise option will create a global team of across-the-board talent with expertise in the GRC, GDPR, BFC and related field. The individual franchisee is auditors, lawyers, IT and cyber specialists with years of practical experience as CxO, that together we can get seriously involved in the struggle to provide state-of-the-art training and advise and strengthen the global presence with an established specialist team for the benefit to all our customers.