IT Professionals, Consultants and Companies have two options, one is to get a one size fits all general certification awarded by a number of bodies across the global certification environment or get EUGDPR Institute’s certification accredited by The EuroSox Institute®.

The EUGDPR Institute’s certification methodology confirms its commitment to ensuring compliance and always includes the extra components of Good Governance, Risk Management and IT-Security. Approved by The EuroSox Institute®. Besides issuing certification based on a customised site audit carried out by qualified and experienced auditors, a FAS EUGDPR certification is available after the examination.

The customised GDPR certification is based on international standards, charters and best practices that advocate, implement and monitor a series of controls and oversight measures to help organisations of all sizes, both private and public, to prevent, detect and tackle data protection through the structured implementation of a GDPR data privacy compliance system.

The high points highlighted by EUGDPR institutes includes GRC components within the Legal, Human Resources and IT departments related to an ethical IT and data culture within the company, with procedures that are well adapted to IT Governance and Risk Management.

The EUGDPR certification audit; focuses the data privacy system on a European scale based on the ISO 27001 standard, including the establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Data Privacy and Information Security Management System within the context of the organisation's overall business risks.
  • The EUGDPR Institute’s certification specifies the control requirements for the implementation of data privacy and security controls, customised to the needs of individual groups including the Data and IT Ethics & Integrity components and the associated training tools.
  • The EUGDPR Institute’s certification demonstrates the strong commitment to monitoring IT and data discipline that validates the company’s internal initiatives and efforts through audit and alert systems that increase communication and awareness of the data and IT procedures and values
  • The EUGDPR Institute’s certification standards will reinforce the company’s approach by using global best practices with assessment audits to ascertain GDPR sustainability by exploring the feasibility of a global GDPR compliance policy in widely differing regional markets without unapproved local policy exceptions
The EUGDPR Institute certification courses and seminars are reviewed and approved by;