The EUGDPR Institute’s codes-of-conduct and certification guidance and mechanisms provide the Board of Directors, Management and primary Stakeholders (controllers and processors) an efficient means for GDPR compliance. There are a series of prerequisites and compliance to administrative, data and IT processes in establishing and maintaining compliance with a code of conduct and thereby earn The EUGDPR Institute’s certification status.
  • The EUGDPR Institute’s certification can serve as marketing tools, allowing data subjects to choose controllers signalling GDRP compliance via their membership or associations with the certified status provided by The EUGDPR Institute. The certification can play a significant role in facilitating cross-border data transfers
  • The EUGDPR Institute’s code of conduct and certification mechanisms can create business opportunities for new third-party controllers, administrators or processors when these organisations are accredited certification
  • The EUGDPR Institute’s certification acknowledges third-party compliance programs as effective means for establishing binding promises by controllers and processors that are consistent with regimes under GDPR privacy framework that is globally consistent with generally accepted privacy regimes to ease the burdens of legal compliance
The EUGDPR Institute certification courses and seminars are reviewed and approved by;