During the past 15 years since the inception of Copenhagen Compliance in 2005 legislators, oversight authorities and other stakeholders have tried try to clutter the different sectors in general and the financial sector in particular with increasingly tight rules, the complexity of regulation increases all of the organisations to invest more in complying with the various mandates and laws.
We experience that during each training or GRC implementation, most companies complain about their interpretation anguish, resources and efforts and IT complications. The franchise energies of Copenhagen Compliance group has builtwell-designed templates, policies and other specialised implementation formats from the bottom to take advantage of rising demand from all industry financial sector in general or financial, trade, manufacturing, healthcare, IT and high tech and other industries.

The service offerings of the Copenhagen Compliance group will differ from the major audit and consulting houses, which dominate the market in risk, compliance and IT and technology advice.

Some of these differences are;
  • Standardised templates and formats that can be individualised, customised and tailored to fit the needs
  • Associates with the exact expertise instead of general consultants
  • Individual entrepreneurs instead of a partnership model
  • Focus on issues like accountability, transparency, ethics Integrity and governance in all implementation efforts
The combination of expertise in each owner(s) will together develop an international knowledge base on the particular subjects to strengthen the local and regional presence.

In the next decade, it is expected the GRC, GDPR and related compliance components will put further focus on the area which gives a stable fundament for further growth and to increase the market share by establishing a team of 5-10 associates that are specialists in the field of GRC, GDPR, BFC areas.

Compliance implementations,e.g. in fraud and money laundering in small and medium-sized businesses continue to a significant problem despite past deadline, as these companies continue to be heavily involved in implementing the legislation. The same is the case with GDPR and cybersecurity.The franchise team will be expected to contribute to the already established specialist team in for developing standard solutions.